A better marriage is obtainable. You don't have to settle for just Ok, but you can have an exceptional healthy marriage while you're having a successful business. Too many women in business struggle to maintain a successful marriage due to the pressure and high demand that they endure while starting or maintaining their business. I don’t want you to be a statistic. I want you to learn how to achieve true success in your life without forfeiting your personal life.

Here at Building A Better Marriage, I am dedicated to your successful marriage. I want you to know that you can enjoy your marriage while you enjoy your business. Having a successful business does not mean that your marriage must suffer. I want to teach you the tools to safeguard the most important relationship you will ever have, your marriage.

No matter if everything is "good" or "OK" or just not on the right track, there is always room for being BETTER. We are constantly growing in our lives, and our marriage must grow too. No matter how long you been married, every marriage deserves a second chance for growth and a new foundation in place.

Being married myself, my husband and I want a better marriage for ourselves. We continue to work on our marriage daily. The key to a better marriage is putting God first and being unselfish to one another. There is no shame for wanting more out of your marriage.

Marriage is a gift that God has given us. With each gift that God gives us, there must be a level of appreciation and the dedication to honor him with. A marriage that puts God first will always last. "What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate." (Matthew 19:6 English Standard Version) If you accompany me on this journey of a better marriage and use the tools provided, you will see your marriage improve over time. It is a process.

What We Believe

God Foundation

We believe that having God the center of your marriage will allow your marriage to stand the test of time.  Having God in your life, marriage, and business will always give you success.

Power Of Love

We believe that there is no greater power than love.  True love, Agape love has the ability to change people, mindsets, and situations.  Agape love can and will make a difference in marriage.

Grace-Filled Life

We believe that having a grace-filled life will allow you to have peace, understand and the ability to see God’s hands in every situation.

Our Services

What We Provide You

Breakthrough Session

Get clarity, focus, and direction for your life. Discover how coaching will support you to define a path between where you are now to where you want to be. Learn what has been blocking you or holding you back.

Radiance Power Coaching

Radiance Power will allow you to shine and be the person you are called to be. You will be able to stop tolerating and start focusing on really matters in your life and strengthen your foundation to bring successful results in marriage and business. You will be able to solve problems, create a new life, establish a safe haven at home, get balance in your life that will improve your relationships, turn your business around, double sales and profitability, and design and implement a plan of action.

Indestructible Power Coaching (For Couples)

Indestructible Power will allow you and your spouse to grow.  It will shorten the gap between where you both are now to where you both want to be.  You both will be able to solve problems, create a new life, turn your business around, double sales and profitability, and design and implement a plan of action for your life by starting with you already have inside of you.



What People Are Saying

I learned to put myself first by making me and my goals a priority. Proper planning and staying focused. By doing that I’ve increased my clientele’and my working towards my goals daily.   Continue reading “Shavtiyah Zevulun” »

Shavtiyah Zevulun Owner of Shavtia Kreativehair

I have been working with my dear friend, Nisla, for over a year.  Her advice and her prayers have taught me to think of myself outside of a regimented box.  One that is not broken.  One that does not see life as a series of misfortunes and negative perceptions. Continue reading “Anna B.” »

Anna B.

Nisla inspired me to dig deeper and evaluate my short and long term plans both personally and professionally. Initially, I had many ambitions with little direction or strategic plans about how to accomplish my goals Nisla helped me become more organized through mental mapping. Continue reading “Kourtney Johnson” »

Kourtney Johnson

I have been watching Nisla Love videos this month and I must say she is a great counselor, has a passion for her craft and most important does it with the love of Christ as her base. I would recommend her to everyone in, or not, of Building Stronger and Better Marriages.

James Flowers LegalShield

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